Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She finds love in everything

This angel I live with...what a joy. I have never know such a loving child. She finds love in everything. Everywhere we go she sees hearts everywhere. In bites taken out of apples, snow flakes, orange peels, snow flakes, ripped paper, candy, clouds, anything you can think of. At least once or twice a day she finds love in everything. She is so willing to share her love, say I love you, show her love. She wants everyone to feel loved, she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I learn how to love better from her and her example.  I'd like to think I had a  small part in showing her love. I hope we all can find love in everything, most importantly God's love for us. She truly does see things through rose tinted glasses........She is my love...and my best friend...and my light....

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Linda said...

She definitely is a love. I enjoy her so much. She always makes me laugh!
I love you so much Sera and I'm proud of how well you are doing in both school and church.
Love you,
Black Grandma