Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Year

I have never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. I hate starting something I know I can't finish. I am all about however setting goals and so Seraphim and I sat down and talked about what we wanted in life. I did make the exception this year and make New Year’s Resolutions, 4 actually......1. Be HAPPY! 2. Have FUN!! 3.Be Grateful 4. Be Good. Sera was a great help in this. Being Grateful was her suggestion. I am amazed all the time by her good nature and grown up attitude. I have wanted more than anything for her to be happy. I feel like this past month we have been VERY successful at our goals, even with trials and forces working against us. I have noticed a change in her. I can't remember what we were talking about the other day but I she said "Mom you don't need to worry about it, that’s my job... I informed her it wasn't her job it was mine because Heavenly Father gave her to me to take care of then she said Remember I chose you and I said yes but I’m still your mother and she said yes but I'm still your guardian angel....we laughed.... Her heart is always in the right place. I want to be more like her. She has had some challenges in school this year. The class is very big and the past few years I have been in her classroom volunteering often so I pretty much know what’s going on most of the time. I haven't had that this year. I've asked to be included in helping but parents in the classroom aren’t something they do here. Not knowing what’s going on I didn't realize what was going on. I could tell things were weighing on her. We sat down and talked about things. Her class has several girls who are refugees from Africa, these girls haven’t been very nice to her and she isn't very tall and most of them are nearly a head taller. Her and I talked about what these girls have been through, leaving their home and their family, going through hard times and that sometimes people going through hard times act out because they don’t know how else to act. She has prayed for these girls. The other day she came home and told me that these girls and her were now friends, and I asked what had changed and she said nothing. I just told them I knew what they were going through and that I had left my home and family too. Ever since then we've had no trouble from them. Her first instinct was to pray for these girls, who were treating her badly, and to sympathize with them, not get angry or say mean things. I learn from Seraphim often. I'm excited about what this year will bring... I know we are loved.... I love and miss my friends, my family and people close to my heart.... I know I haven't been the best friend during the last few months and have missed out on some good times, but my love and prayers are with you.

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