Thursday, August 13, 2009

First day of school

I just Sent Seraphim off to her 1st day of 2nd day. I can't hardly believe she is this old. In a couple of months she will be 8. I of coarse didn't have my camera but I'll have to grab a few photos when she gets home. Apparently they are on Year around school down here. This will be an interesting change. They started school three weeks ago. It was soooo cute this morning when she told me she had 10 butterflies in her tummy this morning. She said it was a little bit excited and a little bit nervous. She said "Mom this is my first time being shy." I think that is almost a true statement because if anyone knows Seraphim she is anything but shy. School is only .5 miles away but we have to cross the Hwy. to get there so no walking or biking. She was so bummed about that. I told her some day we might walk. I miss her already and its only been like 30 minutes. I know that I am blessed to have her.

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