Monday, August 31, 2009

Seraphim Is a big Sister

Seraphim was so excited when Her New baby brother came early. Gabrielle Scott Baker was 8lbs 12 OZ and 21 in long coming 2 weeks early. Oh my. She held him for over an hour last night. She says she is ready to change diapers and give him a bath. She just lit up seeing him. Her Sep-mom Rachel is doing well. I'm excited she got to be here when he came. On the way over in the car she said "mom he will know me because He just came from heaven. We are both angels you know." She also said that she already loved him.... Its amazing how fast you love someone you don't even know. She was right it was a boy too. She informed me she was an angel and she knew. LOL they didn't know what he was till he was born. Just being in the room with the baby you could sence the spirit near. It was a sweet moment I was glad to share with Seraphim and Rachel and her family.
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Ryan & Rachel Baker said...

Gabriel is lucky to have a big sister like Sera. I know how much she loves him.