Friday, November 13, 2009

Hawaiian Adventure September 2009

My sis Lynda helped Sera and  I go See Auntie Helen in DC and Aunties Jen and Ren in Hawaii. We had a good time. Seraphim especially loved snorking and putting fresh flowers in her hair. She was amazed to see the USS Arizona and USS Utah under the water at pearl harbor. Visiting the Macadamian nut farm was also a plus. She must have spent 30 minutes cracking fresh nuts. The China Hat island was neat to see but the beach was covered in little jelly fishes so Sera covered them in sand so we wouldnt step on them. Our very favorite spot was Goat Island. We walked .75 miles out in the ocean on a coral reef to this amazing little island. No one was there and there was plenty of treasures to find on the beach. We collect beach glass. We loved all the differnt special peices we found. Aunt Jen was the best for showing us around the Hawaiin island where she lives ...These were a few of my favorite Pics.

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