Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Snow Angel

This Is my Snow Angel Seraphim. We had a snow storm hit about 6pm. It came down fast and by 7 we couldn't resist going out and playing in the snow. Seraphim and I buil our very own Snow slide. It is amazing. We worked so hard and were so tired we only went down it a few times before we had to head in to bed. She also enjoyed making snow angels. She said "Mom look at all the snow we have, we  can make lots of things. She also was great to sing her own version of Once there was a snow man.... it went like this..... "once there was a snow girl, snow girl, snow girl, once there was a snow girl, tall tall the night she slided, slided, slided, in the night she slided all the way down.....She said this was the most amazing night ever. It reminded me of the night we built her first snow was late but the snow is perfect when it first comes down and if we had waited till tomorrow the snow wouldn't have stuck together well. Its neat to be outside at night when it is snowing because the moonlight reflects off the clouds and so it seems light out side. We didn't even need the pourch light.  Love you all....come over and use our slide...xoxo Laura

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