Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seraphims Sweet Thanks......

Seraphim and I have been talking about gratitude since Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Her sweet spirit touches my soul. I can't believe how much she has matured over the last few months. I can't imagine going through the losses she has and still being so positive about life....I have been writing down word for word what she has said about what she is grateful for and I'd like to share with you in hopes that you'll remember what it is you’re thankful for... I want to share what I am grateful for too and that will come soon......

Things Sera is grateful for: home, bed, Kate my stuffed kitty, prayer bear, soft blankies, roof over head, beautiful paintings in my home, hair things, family in house.
Body of flesh and blood, it helps me move, it’s part of Gods trial because he sent us here to die and come back to him.
Heart it helps me love one another and forgive.
Mom she cares for me she gave me life and gave me birth and she loves me she taught me to care for each other she feeds me, taught me to be kind to everyone, tells me how to be closer to Jesus by listening to my mom and the holy ghost, taught me how to pray, and forgive and read scriptures, she supports me when I'm having hard times.
Life- because I can have flesh and bones, it’s a trial from Jesus to come back to home because life is just a wonderful thing even when it’s hard because life sometimes not fair because without life I can't be with Jesus again. When it’s not fair it makes me want to be better and pray more
Family-because they take care of me and when mom dies she'll be in heaven and if they are still alive they will take care of me. Heavenly father is part of my family. They love me and I love them back.
I'm thankful for the family that left even though mine is broken. Satan can't take my mom away from me ever and he can't stop me from loving my dad, I won't let him.
Love-it heals your feelings. It makes love for other people so they will love you too. Sometimes helps you get more friends. It gives you opportunity to live because if we didn't have a heart we wouldn’t have life.
Jesus-he died on the cross for all our sins, he heals the sick, suffered for our sins and our heart ache, made our world and home, he made the church, he helped Joseph Smith to get the gold plates so we can have scriptures, he loved us.
Ryan (Father)-takes care of me when I visit, helps me, takes care of me when I get hurt, and helps me feel better when I am sick.
Rachael-she loves me and takes care of me and helps me go to the true church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.
Gab (brother)- I love him and I know he is an angel from God when I am around him he helps me feel the spirit.
Grandparents-They love you take care of me take me on trips, spoil me.
Dad Jake- he loves me even when I'm not with him. He took care of me, he gave me everything I needed and he was a great dad. He took me to the true church. H played with me as much as he could even though he couldn’t move his hands or feet and a dad that loved me very much. I loved him to no matter what, even if he couldn’t hug me or even if he was in a wheelchair. He was special to me and I miss him.
Heavenly father-he wants our families to come back to heaven I know I can come back to him.
Scriptures because they help you learn about Jesus, they are good, they tell the truth. I love them. I read them every night with my mom.
I am grateful for my testimony. I love it
The more I am grateful for, the closer I am to God.

Her sweetness and honesty touch my heart and soul. I'll love her forever..

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Breezi said...

What a little sweet girl you have. She seems like she's a very observant little girl! She takes in the world around her and finds the blessings that are there.